"What would we do without Iris & Oak {by Simply Staged}? We use Tasha and her team for everything from verbal consultations with sellers to full staging packages for vacant homes as well as interior design! We truly feel that one of the main reasons we sell homes in the least amount of time and for the most amount of money is because Iris & Oak {by Simply Staged} literally stages every single home we list! Their professionalism, creativity and knowledge far surpass the competition. We love them so much that we even used them for interior design on our personal home! Iris & Oak {by Simply Staged} is Simply the Best!"

-Lesley Peters

The Peters Company at Keller Williams Realty



"Tasha and her team at Iris & Oak {by Simply Staged} have been an important part of our 'extended team' for years. I have never felt the need to interview or find another staging company as they really are the best in the business. We sell over 100 homes a year and if a home is vacant or needs a makeover with the clients' existing things, I insist that my sellers consult with or use Iris & Oak {by Simply Staged} as a key marketing and sales technique for getting the most money for their home. They will do all they can to work with your schedule and do whatever in the realm of possibility to get your home in show-ready condition to market for sale. There are some listings that I just will not take if they choose not to stage, as I know I'm doing the seller a disservice by allowing them to place their home on the market in less than 'competitive' condition. Their vacant staging packages are of utmost quality and show well in every home. The homes that Iris & Oak {by Simply Staged} has staged for me sell for more and in less time. Tasha and her team did a royal makeover at one of our Luxury Listings and the seller wants to hire her for their Florida home - that's service! Thank you for all you do for us!"

-Anna Kilinski Brent-

Anna K Intown - Keller Williams


 “I just wanted to say thank you again for everything! We originally listed the home empty/unfurnished back on June 1st. We didn’t have much traffic through on open houses and anytime someone came into the vacant house, they left fairly shortly after that. 

I am sooooo excited to say, since staging the home and putting it back on the market January 10th, we have had three offers!! SO EXCITING!!!! At today’s open house, I couldnt get people to leave! Everyone commented on how cozy and homey the house felt. It is all due to the staging. I am NEVER letting a house go on the market without staging ever again. Unbelievable results. 

-Aly Tiller-

Atlanta Fine Homes


"Thanks to all of our design selections, the bathrooms look so much better now - what a relief! I got a lot of compliments on the powder room - the glass tile on the floor turned out really cool and it seems to be wearing just find. I really love it, thank you so much for your help with transforming our house. I'm thinking it will sell pretty well when we decide to downsize in a couple of years! And of course we get the bonus of enjoying it in the meantime. Thanks also for the paint color recommendations for the kitchen and the painter - I really think the kitchen needed a bit of something and I think the painted cabinets might be the perfect enhancement to tie everything together. Thank you!

-Janet Elliot-

Multi-Million Dollar Producer, RE/MAX Around Atlanta



"We can't express ourselves for the magnificent work you did in our home more than to say thank you. We really love you and your work. May God bless you and give you more brilliant ideas."

-James + Statia, Homeowners-


"Thanks so much for your help, I have been extolling the virtues of staging in general and your capabilities in particular to my friends far and wide. I hope to generate business for you because I believe you offer a quality of service that makes a real difference, and I say this after going into it with a degree of skepticism.

-Michael Barsodi, Homeowner {SOLD IN 3 WEEKS!}-


"I'd like to thank you for being not only a credible professional in your field but also a friend I can trust in the home staging arena. Your teamwork has helped so many of my clients' homes over many years including my own personal property. My friends and I appreciate your fresh perspective and clear direction that you bring to our spaces in desperate need. Even my best listings can always improve with your smart, simple changes. One of my favorites was when you came to our home in Roswell and helped us redesign the childrens' bedrooms and make sense of where all the stuff and memorable items should be placed. I loved feeling first hand the excitement that so many sellers get when they experience your hands-on approach. Just like me, most clients regret that they didn't think of your ideas and get to enjoy them before the property is sold. Your color consults and product recommendations are always spot on and we've found they are just what most buyers are attracted to. Thank you for your continued help in creating value for clients!"

-Joanne Curtin-

The Joanne Curtin Team, Keller Williams



"We know that our houses for sale show better and sell faster when Tasha and her team stage them. Our clients love their work so much, they usually hire Iris & Oak {by Simply Staged} to decorate and stage their new home! Now that is a true testament!"

-Nina Harris-

The Suits Team - Keller Williams



"Only two showings and Mr. McKnight's property went under contract and closing on June 1st... Yeah. I know it is because of you and your services that it sold so quickly. Thanks for everything."

-Kelley Day-

The Day Team - Keller Williams



"You did a wonderful job on this home, thank you so much and thank you for being so good with Mrs. Binitie. We put the house up late last week and got an offer on it already on Monday! Thanks again!"

-Mike Minihan-

Terrace 24